What is yoga?Learn Everthing about it!

morning yoga
Yoga is an art which connects the mind,body and soul.

Yoga is an art performed by connecting the mind, body and soul. The final goal of this is to achieve inner peace( if you’ve watched ‘kung fu panda’ you know what i mean) or peacefulness which ultimately leads to ‘moksha‘ which means libration. Now, yoga consists of “postions” called “Asanas” which are to be performed by the yogi. These asanas are certain body postures that help achiving desired physical and spritual benifits.

The word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘To unite’ or ‘union’. Basically, connecting mind, body and the soul to achive ‘moksha‘. Liberation can be achived by practising the ‘Ashtanga Yoga‘ as described by patanjali yoga sutras.

Ashta‘ literally translates to ‘Eight’ and ‘anga‘ means ‘part‘ or member‘(most people get it wrong and call it “limb”) check this out for confirmation.

Now, back to the eight memebers. They are as follows:









Genral Benifits of Yoga

Better body image– focusing inward during yoga helps you be more satisfied, content and appreciative of your own body.

Healthy heart– Doing yoga on a regular bais can help improve overall cardiac heath such as lowerd blood preasure, cholestrol and blood sugar level.

Weight control– makes you more aware of hunger and fullness which in return developes a healthy relationship with our eating habbits.

Genral fitness– although yoga should not be viewd as a ‘workout regiment’ it does have some physiological benifits such as improved felxibility, boosts endurance, increase blood flow.

When and how should be yoga performed?

Most frequenty asked question.

So, the best time is in the morning! yes, as our minds are fresh and are not filled with worries. Few prefer to do it early evening, as along as we did’nt have any heavy meal and our stomach is a bit empty it’s all good.

And doing yoga outdoors is even better as early morning sunshine is good for getting enough vitamin D ,we sweat better and not endup making the whole room stink!

Yoga is usally done for about 30-45mins at most and try not to overdo it as it’s not a serious workout. It’s supposed to be refereshing and energizing you for the day ahead. So take it chill and don’t rush through any of the asanas

'yoga pose'

Doing yoga on an empty stomach or after light breakfast is the best, Attending yoga with a full belly could cause a major stomachache, gurgling, bloating and embarrassing gas.

A Full Stomach means a Less Effective Practice

Having food in the stomach or intestines takes up space in the abdomen. This makes it harder to do poses like twists or forward bends where the abdomen compresses. And… it’s heavier! Inversions like headstand or shoulderstand get harder with a heavy belly.

An empty stomach gives plenty of space for the abdominal walls to extend and contract within poses. You’ll get a deeper stretch in spinal extension and a more intense twist. Your body will flow through Vinyasas more easily and lift lightly into those tricky inversions.

You can also feel nauseous or have to run to the restroom as a result of having food/drinks in the belly. I’ve found myself thinking “Uh oh…” when the teacher announces that it’s backbend day and I ate just before class. It’s harder to concentrate when nature calls or the stomach is upset. On the other hand, we easily fall into the flow of class if our body’s needs are satisfied.

Intermittent Fasting Leads to More Weight Loss

One of the main reasons to work out in the morning in a fasted state is because we would want the body to use our stored fat as energy instead of relying on food. If you were to eat and then work out the body will focus more on the energy you just put into your body as opposed to your fat.

Foods & Beverages to Avoid Before Yoga

  1. Avoid heavy, oily, greasy, fried foods, and big portions of meat up to six hours before class.  They’re tougher to digest and tend to sit in the intestine longer. They can also make you feel tired – the opposite of what you want when you’re diving into practice.
  2. Raw vegetables like celery, cauliflower, and beans are high in complex carbohydrates. They can give you gas or bloating when uncooked because they’re difficult to digest.
  3. Large amounts of raw greens like spinach or kale have a similar effect. Breaking these foods down by boiling, sautéing, or steaming makes them perfectly light, nutritious before-yoga foods.
  4. Processed foods are a no-go before yoga. They often have lots of simple or high-glycemic carbs that cause blood sugar to crash. Otherwise, they contain large amounts of sodium or processed sugars. They’re hard on the digestive system & unlikely to give the sustained energy required for yoga. Watch out for “sugar alcohols” on the labels of your favorite energy bar – they’re a huge cause of bloating!
  5. Spicy foods are a major culprit of lack of focus during practice. They cause heartburn, especially tough in any class with inversions. Spicy foods also contribute to high energy in the body; in Ayurveda, this energy is fiery, passionate, aggressive, and unfocused! Rajasic energy raises the heart rate, makes you sweat more, and makes the mind jump around rather than focusing on the breath or the teacher.

What to eat post yoga session?

During and after any physical activity, your body can become severely dehydrated. Water should always be the first thing that you put into your body after an intense yoga session because it replenishes, refuels, rehydrates and helps you avoid overeating later. If you have a hard time getting yourself to drink a lot of plain water, try squeezing fresh lemon or lime into your glass, or consider buying coconut water for your fridge. 

In addition to being dehydrated, your body is also depleted of stored glycogen after working out. Therefore, it is essential to consume some type of complex carbohydrate along with some type of protein. 

Healthy post-workout carbohydrates include: 

• Cereal such as cornflakes 

• Sweet potatoes 

• Raspberries and blueberries 

• Broccoli 

• Brown rice 

• Quinoa 

• Artichoke 

• Fruit salad 

• Whole grain or brown-rice pasta 

• Banana 

• 1 slice of whole grain bread

*Now yor’re all loaded to bust out a full yoga session, Good luck!! it out for more topics!!

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