5 Tips Before Starting a Blog!

  1. Keep your mind open to all ideas, don’t keep a particular topic if it’s not helping you get more viewers. In the begining chose a niche but don’t be afraid to change and move on.
  2. Try to read as much as comments and reviews as posslibe, as it helps to follow what people’s desired topics are.
  3. Don’t expect overnight success, as this is highly unlikely. As first, we need to get the initinal momentum to generate lost of monthly viewers.
  4. When picking a particular niche chose the one you’re naturally good at talking about with other people or any topic you’re intersted in learning about , as this helps you understand it better as you are talking about it.
  5. In the end, don’t be demotivated in the beginning if your blog(s) are’nt getting enough views as expected. Overtime you’ll eventually get more viewers as long as you are posting quality content in regular intervals.

That being said happy blogging! 🙂