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Mixed Veggies Pakoda

Its Raining here and perfect time for making Mixed Veggies Pakoda /Bonda .It’s soo Yum and crunchy Recipe : Time taken 30 mins Veggies : 1 Cup Peas,1 Cup Diced Carrots ,1 Cup Chopped Beans ,1 Cup Lima Beans ,1 Cup grated Cabbage. Dry Batter : 2 Cup Besan Flour ,1 Cup Rice Flour ,Salt […]

Yoga For Weight Loss

Does it Actually Help in Losing Weight? Firstly, Does practising yoga really help in losing your weight? Many experts agree that yoga works in different ways to bring about a healthy weight. So performing more active yoga poses does help in losing weight. A 2016 study suggested that people who develop mindfulness through a yoga practice may […]

You’re wasting your time:Best ways to make easy money!!

Now, during this global pandemic all of us are probably stuck at our homes. And we just sit around, probably sleep or watch netflix, so we’re mostly wasting our time instead of using it wisely and carefully. “Every threat is an opportunity, and every opportunity is a threat” -Using the extra time to make extra […]


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